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Functional Interval Training

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Group exercise classes that combine functional training around barbells, gymnastics, power/olympic lifting & conditioning workouts.

Our style of fitness brings together a community of unique groups of people in pursuit of a common interest – lifelong fitness and well-being. Size, athletic ability and age are not important to us. It is our goal to show anyone who walks through our doors that fitness is not only important for their own well-being, but also to the people they care about. Anyone can do this! Is it for everyone? It can be; the workouts are universally scalable. We focus on Strength, Gymnastics and Conditioning in each of our classes. We do not shy away from the barbell, we do however focus on technique over strength! Technique equals safe and efficient movement. Let us coach you on how to move better!

Prior functional fitness experience is required.

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6:00am / 7:10am / 8:20am / 12:00pm / 4:10pm / 5:20pm / 6:30pm


5:00am / 6:00am / 7:10am / 8:20am / 12:00pm / 4:10pm / 5:20pm / 6:30pm


5:00am / 6:00am / 7:10am / 8:20am / 12:00pm / 4:10pm / 5:20pm / 6:30pm


6:00am / 7:10am / 8:20am / 12:00pm / 4:10pm / 5:20pm / 6:30pm


6:00am / 7:10am / 8:20am / 12:00pm / 4:10pm / 5:20pm / 6:30pm


7:50am / 9:00am / 10:10am


9:00am / 10:10am








All Novem FIT memberships include access to all Novem FIT, Novem Bootcamp, Novem Barbell Classes and Open Gym.

All memberships also include one free weekly drop-in to Monarch Yoga's slow flow class and a 20% discount on all TYR products.

Drop-ins + Discounts

10 Punch
$225/10 classes


Couples Discount

3x/ week


All new members regardless of fitness level or athletic background must take our private Fast Track On-Ramp Course.

On-Ramp will be completed as 3 one-hour personal training sessions*


Fast Track On-Ramp

$200 one-time fee

*In addition to completing your 3 sessions, you will receive a trail pack of 6 classes that must be completed in a two week span.

More about our Fast Track On-Ramp Program

All new members, regardless of fitness level or athletic background, must take our private On-Ramp Course, which we think of as “Strength, Gymnastics  & Conditioning 101.″ The On-Ramp Course consists of 3, one hour personal training sessions where clients learn nine basic fundamental barbell movements, along with gaining knowledge of our philosophy, workout regimen, and fitness safety. After these 3 sessions are completed you will receive a trail pack of 6 classes that must be completed in a two week span. These classes can be either Functional Fitness with barbells or our Bootcamp trial membership before having to decide which program fits you best.

On-Ramp gives you and our coaches an idea of your current fitness level. Knowing your baseline for fitness before you enter a class will ensure that you and your coach can scale your workout to the appropriate level of intensity so that you get the hardest – and safest – workout possible. Every movement and every workout can be scaled and tailored to you as an individual even though you are in a group setting. Most importantly, Community Fitness is FUN and anyone can do it!

Transferring Members

If you’re a former member of another gym like ours, we require a full assessment of health and movement with a coach to get you up to speed. This service is $25 for 30 minutes.

You’ll get an overview of our movement standards, proper scaling for your body, and the chance to discuss any concerns you may have transferring over to Novem. If you’ve been out of the game for over six months or more, we may request that you register for 3 personal training sessions to get you up to speed.

“Novem is the best gym i have ever been apart of (and i have been a member at MANY CrossFit gyms) in multiple aspects. The programming is top notch, and the coaches are so knowledgeable and actually care about your progress and growth. I have made so much progress over the past 2.5 years physically and mentally!!!

Outside of the fitness aspect, the community in and outside the gym has become my favorite part about being a member at Novem. I feel supported every single day and have made friends that I consider lucky to have in my life.”

— Meg

“My partner and I joined Novem because we were looking to do weight training and were seeking a diverse gym. I am also on the lifelong pursuit of staying healthy and strong as I get older. We’ve found that Novem is more than a gym; it’s a community of supportive, awesome people and coaches!”

— Lucas

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