Everyone comes to CrossFit Novem for a different reason—to get stronger, fitter, reduce stress, gain confidence, and even create new friendships. These reasons are what inspires us and our members to make fitness a way of life. We will train you safely and properly. What we’re doing at Novem isn’t new, but how we’re executing this particular brand of fitness is.


We’ve curated a healthy, vibrant community at CrossFit Novem that’s about way more than burpees and box jumps. Our programs are as varied as our members—we offer classes in CrossFit, Bootcamp, and the olympic lifting Barbell Club. Our coaches have certification from CrossFit HQ and other fitness disciplines.

(215) 291-2968 1732 N. Howard Street | Philadelphia, PA 19122
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  • . ON-RAMP
    The Fun Is Just About To Start
  • On-Ramp Rates
    On-Ramp will be completed as
    3, 1 hour personal training sessions

    – $200/one time fee

    In addition to completing your 3 sessions
    you will receive a trail pack of 6 classes
    that must be completed in a two week span.

Due to COVID-19 On-Ramp will be completed as 3, 1 hour personal training sessions: (Beginners)

All new members, regardless of fitness level or athletic background, must take our private On-Ramp Course, which we think of as “Strength, Gymnastics  & Conditioning 101.″ The On-Ramp Course consists of 3, one hour personal training sessions where clients learn nine basic fundamental barbell movements, along with gaining knowledge of our philosophy, workout regimen, and fitness safety. After these 3 sessions are completed you will receive a trail pack of 6 classes that must be completed in a two week span. These classes can be either Functional Fitness with barbells or our Bootcamp trial membership before having to decide which program fits you best.

On-Ramp gives you and our coaches an idea of your current fitness level. Knowing your baseline for fitness before you enter a class will ensure that you and your coach can scale your workout to the appropriate level of intensity so that you get the hardest – and safest – workout possible. Every movement and every workout can be scaled and tailored to you as an individual even though you are in a group setting. Most importantly, Community Fitness is FUN and anyone can do it!