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Go ahead, here’s the key. It doesn’t matter your age, shape, or athletic ability. If you join us in a commitment to fitness, we promise to support you in that effort. You’ll be shocked at what happens when you give yourself permission to succeed. Show up, get stronger. Take care of your body, stay healthy, and maintain your fitness for the long haul. Get back the energy to chase your kids around the house, train for a triathlon, or jog up the stairs with minimal effort.

A Brief History


Novem is founded by co-owners
Joe Ling & Lesha Vozobule.


We opened a 2nd location on Howard Street for crossfit classes. Bootcamp classes remained at the Frankford Ave location. 


Our Howard Street location expanded, and bootcamp classes moved over. The whole community was now under one roof.


During the pandemic, we shut our doors for safety and shifted to classes over zoom. This lasted many months, until we were cleared for outdoor group workouts. At this time, we built a structure in front of our gym and worked out under there. We called this “gutterfit”, and we were happy to be together working out again.


We are continuing to grow both our fit and bootcamp programs. Our community is thriving, come check us out!

Our Mission

Since 2011, we’ve curated a healthy, vibrant community of fitness at Novem that’s about way more than burpees and box jumps. Here, we are the machines. You won’t see an elliptical in sight. Our goal is for you to show up three to five times each week, and have an incredible experience, every time. From strength training to gymnastics, cardio to mobility, there’s a different workout every single day. The one thing that’s always the same— our support and devotion to your health and fitness goals.

Get to know our team of dedicated coaches who will lead your classes.

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