Everyone comes to CrossFit Novem for a different reason—to get stronger, fitter, reduce stress, gain confidence, and even create new friendships. These reasons are what inspires us and our members to make fitness a way of life. We will train you safely and properly. What we’re doing at Novem isn’t new, but how we’re executing this particular brand of fitness is.


We’ve curated a healthy, vibrant community at CrossFit Novem that’s about way more than burpees and box jumps. Our programs are as varied as our members—we offer classes in CrossFit, Bootcamp, and the olympic lifting Barbell Club. Our coaches have certification from CrossFit HQ and other fitness disciplines.

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Vincent Crapello

Vincent Crapello

Assistant Coach

Vincent grew up in the woods of Sussex county New Jersey. Interested in sports at an early age, he bounced from soccer, to hockey, to wrestling, and more became a jack of all trades, master of none rather than finding a niche. Through high school and college, he found theatre and working out to be his main venues for creative release. After graduating college in 2010 with Bachelor of the Arts degrees in both Theatre Arts and Communications, Vincent decided to take his education to the San Francisco Bay Area, and discovered in less than a year that neither an office life nor theatrical one was the life for him. 

He worked jobs at gyms, retail establishments, and many restaurants but only found that he needed to be a part of people’s lives, and part of a community. The need to help people, and desire to change people daily is what helped Vincent decide to become… a barber. 

Vincent moved to Philadelphia in 2012 to pursue this dream of following an old-fashioned barber apprenticeship. All the while, fitness was starting to stagnate. Years of corporate gyms, and bro-science bodybuilding style workouts he was bored and could no longer motivate. 

He had heard of CrossFit occasionally over the years, and after meeting Coach Lesha at the shop he was apprenticing, he decided to give Novem a try. After four and a half years of loving CrossFit as a program and Novem as a community, Vincent decided to try his hand at coaching to help the community that’s helped him so.

Vincent has been vegan and sober for over 10 years, and emphasizes the importance of physical as well as mental health.  He’s had a stint as a professional wrestler at a local promotion, and works full time at a Fishtown barbershop, which services much of the Novem community.