Everyone comes to CrossFit Novem for a different reason—to get stronger, fitter, reduce stress, gain confidence, and even create new friendships. These reasons are what inspires us and our members to make fitness a way of life. We will train you safely and properly. What we’re doing at Novem isn’t new, but how we’re executing this particular brand of fitness is.


We’ve curated a healthy, vibrant community at CrossFit Novem that’s about way more than burpees and box jumps. Our programs are as varied as our members—we offer classes in CrossFit, Bootcamp, and the olympic lifting Barbell Club. Our coaches have certification from CrossFit HQ and other fitness disciplines.

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Diana Lamberti

Diana Lamberti

Assistant Coach

Diana grew up in Central New Jersey where she spent her entire childhood inside of a gymnastics gym. As the oldest of 6, and the only girl, she was a very hyper-active and athletic child who never stopped moving. Her mom would even quiz her for spelling tests while she was doing cartwheels and handstand walking in the living room.

After deciding not to continue gymnastics in college, she began to feel a void. Throughout school, she tried various different gyms but didn’t find an environment that allowed her to develop a healthy and consistent lifestyle. When she moved to Philadelphia in 2012, she was looking for a way to get back in shape and make friends. Her cousin had been telling her she about crossfit, and after stepping into Crossfit Novem in 2013, she hasn’t looked back.

As she started to move better and learn new skills, her competitive side kicked in. She participated in a novice competition in 2014, taking third place, and with that she was hooked and decided she wanted to turn crossfit into a sport. She has attended training camps to develop her skills both individually and as part of a team, and she has continued to travel around the country to compete in sanctioned events.

Outside of the gym, Diana works as a graphic designer and enjoys exploring the world with her husband, Alex.

Diana is a big fan of the sport of crossfit, as well as helping people learn how to workout with their own goals in mind. This passion is finally being passed on to the Novem community and she couldn’t be more excited.


•   AED/CPR Certified
•   CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Candidate (2020)